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sup, I'm Azaya. I also answer to sixtylilies (obvs) and R.

I make Sims 2 content and play Sims 2 and (rarely) Sims 1. I like to post pictures of what is happening in my game(s). I used to just do freeform picture posts but now I tend more toward actual challenges, cuz after seven years of Sims 2 I finally discovered that they are fun! there's also a directory of everything I've shared on GoS as well as my older stuff that was posted here, and if you see something unshared of mine in a picture and you want it, just ask! chances are I'll oblige.

if you friend me I'll absolutely friend you back. however, I don't log into this journal super often, so I may not friend you back for a day or a week or three weeks. as soon as I log in, though, mutual friendage is a go. if you message me, same business, except it might take even longer because I am full of all the anxiety in the world, so it takes me awhile to reply to people. I will, though.

if you purposely misgender my spouse, I will bite your fucking head off.

other stuff: tumblr, simblr, simspiration.

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an endless supply of bat .gifs, pooklet, stompy boots on everything, the sims 2
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