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Another update already, yes, because I still have too many pictures. I think this is the last of the ones for which I've already edited the pictures, though, so updates will probably slow down after this. Whether that merits a "Yay!" or a "Boo!" is entirely your call. XD

Eustace: ACKTHPTH I HATE TINKERING *++ tinkering*

Florence: Yeah, you'd better use a Full Restore, Steven. I'm coming for your Cradily.

Valor: I'm bored. After you finish this battle can we make out?

Florence's answer: *was yes*

Sheldon: Gosh, I'm hungry.

Sheldon: Not so hungry that I can bear to leave Rozz's side, though.

Sheldon: On second thought, I am really hungry.

Sheldon: But I really want to stay with Rozz...

Sheldon: I'll just wait out the hunger.


Sheldon: Oh, but what if Rozz wakes up and I'm not here? That would be the worst.

He did this for hours.



But Death did, because that was an incredible display of fail that richly deserves death, imo.

Miss Pretty: So, we meet again. This time I will not allow you to leave our business unfinished.


Yeah I would, uh, probably ask that too if my arms were doing that. D8


Valor: I can't believe he's gooonnnnne!

Valor: What a good week it's been! I hope I can keep this up.

Yes, those two images did happen in sequence.

From as often as the kids bring Knut home from school, you might think I don't have any other kid townies. That's not true. Knut is just really, really persistent.

Miss Pretty: *sharpens her weapons in preparation for when she and Death next shall meet*

Theda: Heh, so, you know my cousin Thursday from like three generations ago who I've never met?

Velma: Not even a little bit, but go on.

Theda: She died.

Velma: That peasant!

Oh. I guess you two have been talking to the Withers, then.

Almond: Look, Miss Pretty, it's the birdie! Kill the birdie! Kill it!

Miss Pretty: While I know that you are only doing this because it gives you an excuse to be near the pigtailed one and am disgusted by your transparency, I cannot resist the lure of the feathered creature.

Almond kept rolling wants for a robot station. I made it happen.

Theda: Hey Eustace. Sup. I'd really like to put my hands all over you... in a totally cousinly way, of course!


Eustace: Go, Miss Pretty, go! Kill the scratching post! Kill it!

Miss Pretty: Cease with the condescension before I choose to sharpen my claws on your spine.

Theda: *follows Eustace downstairs*

Disapproving Frog: *disapproves of Eustace blocking her line of sight*

Theda: Let's play red hands, Eustace!

Eustace: Sure! Any excuse to touch you.


I really should've made the skilling room bigger. Everyone likes to cram in here at once. Of course, since these are the Fritters, it's not so much a skilling room as a creativity-building room.

Winona: Daaaad, do you have to do that right there? So embarrassing.

Miss Pretty: Avian creature, tweet your last.

Sharing hobbies. :>

Winona: So uh, dude, what exactly is up with you and my sister?

Eustace: 'Up'? Nothing is up! Certainly not my boner.

Winona: What do you think, Miss Pretty? Do you think something skeevy's going on?

Miss Pretty: I think you should release me before I tear out your carotid artery.


Theda: I just want to tell him I admire the way his muscular, firm buttocks fit in those jeans!

You disgust me.

Meanwhile, Winona gains another cooking point she'll never use for anything but grilled cheese.

Winona: Say what? 8D

Nothing. *___*

Florence: Ahh, nothing revs my engine like my hunk of man-candy being a great dad.

Embeth: Mom, no offense but this is daddy-daughter time, you think you could skedaddle?

Farley still exists. He doesn't really do anything to attract my attention, so he tends to get lost in the sea of other sims.

Florence: So I was thinking that for our upcoming anniversary, I'd like jewelry.

What? What were you expecting?

Florence: Vaaaalorrrrrr...

No reason, I just love the robots.

Valor: My god, my wife has a magnificent ass.

Rozz: Whosagoodgirlden? Who is? Who is?

Miss Pretty: A better question is 'who is going to rip open your chest cavity and feast on your heart in your sleep?'

Don't be silly, Miss Pretty. He couldn't sleep through that.

I'm out of rocket ship jokes at the moment, this is mostly just to be like 'look, Embeth still exists too!'

Farley: I must say, I don't much care for father.

Rozz: *is not Farley's father*

That's absolutely the best place for waltzing, yes.

Because after you're done dancing, it's an easy transition to voyeurism.

Almond: Soon, a robot minion army will be mine. 8D

Cute stray interval!

Rozz: Aww, whosagoodboyden? Whosagoodboy?

He and the cat, whose name is Baron, really took to each other, and Rozz has been lonesome since Sheldon's amusing tragic death. So I let Rozz adopt him.

Miss Pretty: What's this? The wretches have acquired a minion for me? Capital!

Eustace: Huh. Does anyone else smell bacon?


I had no idea that sims could catch on fire if they overheated enough, but since I'm a cruel sim overlord, I thought it was hilarious.

Eustace: OH GOD WHY

Embeth: Man, Farley is a turd.

Embeth: Oh wait, that's not Farley.

Death: Wasn't I just here?

Miss Pretty: YOU

Eustace's parents: *are so concerned*

Florence: I think we should move this table a few inches to the right.

Embeth: Hi, Miss Pretty!

Miss Pretty: Do not speak to me as I confront my nemesis! I cannot spare attention on someone so unworthy.


Theda: Maybe Farley will fill the void.

Oh my god what is wrong with you

...Oh. All right. I see what it is now. Farley's growing up pretty well, admittedly.

So is Embeth, though as you can see I still haven't found the right look for her. But I did shortly after!

Eustace's ashes: *smolder, ignored*

At some point I started taking pictures of Almond playing kicky bag. I'm not sure why.

Baron: I am uncertain of this device which you call a 'toilet'.

Rozz had to toilet train him, since we no longer have a litter box.

Said toilet training was interrupted by the arrival of ten p.m.

Valor: The stench of death fills this room.

Theda: *continues to push the limits of familial closeness*

Valor: Hey, takeout coupons!

Miss Pretty: What are you doing to that poor instrument! It sounds like it's in its death throes!

Theda, you're really bad at family.

Rozz: Whee, Miss Pretty! Wheeee!

Miss Pretty: MURDER

Disapproving Frog: *disapproves of Miss Pretty's huge overreaction*

I gave the twins the same haircut, and suddenly, Embeth finally looks right to me.

Farley: You look awesome with your hair like that!

Embeth: Thanks! So do you.

Farley: Looks like your bust is coming in nicely too.

Embeth: Really? I'm glad, I've been feeling kinda self-conscious about it.


Valor: Uh, dude, how long have you been in here playing with the cat?


Deathswing: *idles*

Who is this weird Maxisy perso— oh god, it's Theda D8


Huh. She looks kinda witchy to me, in a good way.

Almond: Oh, that reminds me.

Almond: You're welcome.

Theda: Awesome!

Theda: Everybody better watch the fuck out because I am gonna tear shit UP.

No you're not. You're a good witch.

Theda: Yes, but for how long?

You have ten nice points, you're not fooling me.

Deathswing: *idles*

Theda: Welp, if I'm not heir I'm not gonna hang around here.

Theda: Peace out, y'all.

Almond: We have two of these now? 8D

Baron: Madam, correct me if I'm wrong, but you seem to be sweating blue glitter.

Embeth: What's up?

You're all moving out, is what. The computer doesn't like having this many of you on one lot and the lag has annoyed me sufficiently to get rid of y— I mean, find you all some space to live and grow!

Embeth: You mean you're consigning us to spare oblivion early.

Yeah, pretty much.

Valor: But I'm not a spare! I'm an heir!

Yeah, but none of your kids are heir, so you get to go with them. Suck it up.

Almond: Bye, Florence! Be sure to come back and visit us, I haven't seduced you yet! 8D

Florence: *is glad to go, to be honest*

[personal profile] sixtylilies: *weeps happy goth tears of pitch-black tar*

Look how few sims there are in the house now! LOOK! There hasn't been this few since gen one!

I think I mentioned a couple generations ago how cute I think this is. It's still true.

Baron: What's this? It's blue and feathered and tickles my nose.

Winona: 'Scuse me, overlord?


Winona: Something's happening.

Why, you're just becoming heir, bb. 8D

Almond: *ignores, growing up is no big deal*

adsfdferrhyuirras SQUEAL.

I'm not sure how the bat .gif thing became tradition, but!

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Date: 2012-03-26 09:08 pm (UTC)
neuroticrobotic: (Default)
From: [personal profile] neuroticrobotic
Oh my goodness, gracious! This update was incredibly hilarious. I will forever think of Farley as flaming turd, even though he was not the Fritter that spontaneously combusted. I shall mourn the loss of Sheldon despite the fact he lost the game of life fair and square.

I do feel that Theda took the Fritter tradition of being romantically inappropriate to an all new high/low. I think she must be secretly related to the Withers family? It doesn't make sense but it must be true, somehow.

Also, hurrah for beautiful blue heirs and new eloquent kitties!

Pure Beauty

Date: 2012-04-04 03:05 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
This is honestly probably my favorite legacy in the history of sims legacies. If I had a dreamwidth account and/or a little more courage, I probably would have commented a lot more. Thank you so much for this fabulous, endless Fritter nonsense.
Also, will there ever be a ~ Fritter Download ~ post? /hinthint

(no subject)

Date: 2012-04-16 07:51 pm (UTC)
lovelyxwow: (☂noah)
From: [personal profile] lovelyxwow
Winona is just gorgeous! What a lovely heir.

Also, Theda is just....inappropriate. Way to take the family tradition to a new level! o: Also, is it bad that I giggled at the deaths rather than felt sorry? D:

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