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Yes, it's that time again! This update is on the short side, but it's full of happenings. You'll see.

Valor, it's good to be close to your family, but that might be a bit too close, you know what I mean?

Tierney: Oh god she's right next to me isn't she HI MISS PRETTY, HOW'S EVERY LITTLE THING

Miss Pretty: Not bad, I guess. I could go for a bowl of warm cream right about now.

Nicole: Hi. OwO

Usually Eudora rushes to Tierney's rescue right about now, but this time she's busy cuddling her granddaughter.

Dulcinea: Momma can fend for herself, it's my nana time.

Thursday: Gosh, I love stargazing! I love science!

Thursday: Oh wow, look! A shooting sta—

Spoiler: it wasn't a shooting star.

I thought about having someone plead with the Grim Reaper for her life, but then I remembered that there's too many people in this house as it is and Thursday never did much of anything, so I let her die.

Nicole: SHE *sob* NEVER *sob* EVEN *sob* GOT *sob* TO *sob* GO *sob* TO *sob* GAMES OF GLORYYYYYY!

For not doing much besides existing and confusing people as to her parentage, Thursday was pretty well-liked. Even Miss Pretty came out to mourn her hilarious tragic passing!

Miss Pretty: Fool, you misunderstand my motivations! I am merely here to size up my competition.


Miss Pretty: Death.


You mean like Eudora, or Bo?

Thursday's final resting place, the wee graveyard beside the family crypt. She doesn't get to be inside the crypt since she's not heir, but she has the decorative tombstone to keep her company at least.

Eudora: *sniffle* Nicole, wh-where are you going?

Nicole: Don't worry about it, it's fine.

Oh. Of fucking course.

Almond stayed at the site of the impact long after everyone else had gotten bored and wandered off. I had no idea she and Thursday were so close.

Miss Pretty: Perhaps there is a way to train these 'satellites' to kill on command.


Nicole: So, hey, I saw you at my daughter's funeral just now, that dress looks really good on you.

Tierney: Goddamn I am tired of this shit.

Tierney: Now, this I like.

Bilquis: Hi. :D

lol, 69

Almond: *magivestigiums down from her tower, from which there are no stairs*

The Trashcan: *judges*

Dolly wonders what people's insides look like. Given her lineage, I wouldn't be surprised if she starts trying to find out for herself in a few years.

Bilquis: Oh, hey grandmama.

Almond: Hey.

Bilquis: Good and pure? Is she having me on?

Bilquis: Holy shit!

Tierney: Did I brush my teeth with LSD or something?


Tierney: I'm wearing pajamas!

Bilquis: Wow, me? A witch? This is such an honor!

Tierney: Will you fuck off and let me go to sleep?

Bilquis: Please permit me to express my gratitude through the medium of interpretive dance.

Almond: Well, the important thing is you tried!

Nicole: Hold still, there's something on your tits.

Eudora: Hee!

Nicole: So a spatula and an eggplant walk into a bar...

Tierney: Dude, I'm trying to pee.

Where're you going now, Nicole?

...Oh. I see.

I dunno why, the phrase "cheese platters" has always been funny to me.

Almond: So, fuck the violin.

Eudora: Fuck you.

Not today, Knut. :<

Miss Pretty: Well I never!

Ghost of Eulalie: WHERE IS MY BED

I think you know well enough what she's saying by now, right?

The kids brought Oz and Thora's kids home from school and, amazingly, didn't abandon them outside the gate. That is, Rozz didn't. Dolly and Valor totally did.

Nicole: Eudora, my love, my treasure, light of my life!... Sup Tierney.

Nooo Eudora ;~;

Eudora: What, me? But I'm young! I have so much life left to live! So much love left to give!

Eudora: Whoa, complimentary drinks? Hot damn!

Nicole: What? No! But I love her! ;~;


And the family crypt gets its second resident.

Tierney: So, all this death lately has been totally tragic, but I know what would cheer us all up! Ice cream sundaes.

Bilquis: That's cold, Tierney.

Dulcinea: Hey, uh, guys, I know nana just died and we're all broken-hearted but pay attention to me now.

On top of the world? Your grandma just died in front of you, you heartless harpy.

Oh well. Teen Dolly.

Dulcinea: Oh my god, my nana just died! THIS IS THE WORST BIRTHDAY EVER.

So as not to end on such an unhappy note, here's a bat drinking from a tiny bottle:

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Date: 2011-12-20 12:49 am (UTC)
prosthetics: (Amber)
From: [personal profile] prosthetics

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Date: 2011-12-20 12:49 am (UTC)
lovelyxwow: (☂alexia!first kisses)
From: [personal profile] lovelyxwow
Aww Eudora. :|

HOWEVER Nicole will never cease to make me chuckle with her not-so-subtle attempts at her daughter's wife. Also, pretty Teen!Dolly is pretty!

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Date: 2011-12-21 09:00 am (UTC)
neuroticrobotic: (Default)
From: [personal profile] neuroticrobotic
I feel like there's going to be some serious hauntings a-comin' after this update. I'll miss Eudora and I feel slightly bad for Thursday(being betrayed by her love of ~science~ and all). D:

Teen Dolly is gorgeous and Almond's face at the mere mention of interpretive dance is just too priceless. XD

Tangentially related: Why can't there be a giant aviary-like thing filled with ickle bats? Why not? I want this. I would call it "Bat Dome" and it would be perfect.

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Date: 2011-12-21 07:29 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] angel77
Your comments are LOL, love it =D.

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