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(I rarely put specific warnings on stuff, but I'm aware that there's a lot of tokophobes in the sims community, myself included, and while the stuff that happens herein didn't bother me personally I just wanted to mention that there's some pregnancy-related shit going down in a potentially upsetting way this update.)

So I guess these little assholes figured out that their refusal to die when that is the very point of this entire challenge was just the way to reignite my interest in them.

Coincidentally, this is about when this shifted from strictly a survivor challenge to me possibly trying to subtly murder my own sims.

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After sitting untouched since 2012, I was reminded that these folks exist and decided to pick them back up. Conveniently, several of the hacks I normally have to pull to facilitate smoother surviving are inexplicably broken, so why not take advantage?

Since otherwise it just makes me SO ANGRY )
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Sorry for taking so long to get the next part up! Wouldn't you know it, I got involved in something else and kinda forgot about this, heh.

Gosh Azaya that is so unlike you! )
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All right, so, confession time: I'm in a bit of a rut with the Fritters. Well, no, not so much the Fritters. Kind of in a rut with the whole game, to be honest. But at the same time, I still want to play it. Last time this happened, the Tempus Fugit asylum challenge happened. This time, I'm trying a survivor challenge! Like the one Pooklet did previously, except not as cool because I am not as cool as Pooklet.

Tell me more! )

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