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Just over two years later, the Gashlycrumbs have 'crumb back.

Last time:
  • Usaggie and Una moved back home
  • Winnie died ;~;
  • Usaggie and Meredith got wed
  • Una coaxed Frankie Fiebelkorn into the family

Una: I still can't fucking believe you put us in the same bedroom.

I did, because it's hilarious.

Frankie: Oh my goodness, would you just look at that wall!

Frankie: I haven't been hat shopping in awhile. Maybe it's time.

Una: You getting naked or what, babe?

Meredith: *snore*

Varney: I have become an old lady, and am still the most beautiful person in the whole of this house.

Sorry, Frankie, I live to disappoint romance sims.

Whisper: I didn't do it.

Usaggie: Wow, hon! You're spectacular at playing piano!

Meredith: And this is my virtuoso face.

Frankie: You coming to bed, Una?

Una: In a sec. I need to collect my particles, first.

Frankie: ...and I hope no one fertilizes your eggs, ever!

Una: Hey guys what's going on in this room

Frankie: Meredith is killing it at the piano and I don't like it.

Usaggie: I am furious at how hot Frankie is!

Una: It's not a jam factory! I know it isn't! What the fuck IS IT?

Frankie: I have no idea what you're talking about but I agree wholeheartedly.

Una: I baked shortbread.

Meredith: I had a feeling. In my neck.

But a nice bubblebath governed by Bathphomet made them feel all better.

Una: Washing my hands will eliminate the green fumes wafting from my pits.

Meredith: This is the right way to sit in a chair.

Frankie: Methinks I'm knocked up.


Whisper: Ah, soon the pitter-patter of little feet will fill the house once more!

So many little feet, because Meredith and Una are both pregnant too. 8|

Plantish: My mystical powers predict you're next!

Usaggie: Over my dead body.

Alien Friend: You smell nice.

Una: You're not currently afraid of marrying me, Frankie my beloved, so marry me.

Frankie: Yay!

Tish: Goochie goochie!

Tish: Is it suddenly icy cold in here?


Bye Tish ;~;

Since it's Una, I assume she's just interested in learning how better to start fires.

Meredith: I don't think it's a good idea to let Una study fires, whether it's setting them or avoiding them.

Alien Friend: Pay attention to me.

Alien Friend: Cuz I'm old now!

That's real confetti, too. The good stuff. Our last bag.

Meredith: I'll sleep here tonight.

Varney: Guess again.

Meredith: I don't know about you, Frankie, but pregnancy makes me feel as strong as a sumo wrestler!

Meredith: But with cuter shoes.

Frankie: Naturally.

Frankie: Perhaps sometime Meredith and I could go shoe shopping!

Whisper: Count me in!

Meanwhile, the corner of the lot takes a snooze.

Meredith: YAAAAH

Meredith: SPORTS

Wow, I can't believe Usaggie's debut novel, Wizard Wizard Wizard Wizard Soup, is tanking. Just can't believe it at all.

Usaggie: But I worked so hard on it. It has so many wizards! Four, to be exact.

Possibly it needs more wizards.

Baby: Sharping my claws

Good witch, bad witch.

Really though, they're both bad witches. Varney is mean as shit and only ever wants to cast evil spells.


Meredith: That wasn't so bad. Well, off to bigger and better things.


Meredith: But I have to take a wicked dump!

Baby Girl: Maybe hand me to someone else first, then?

Meredith handed her to the floor. Which was fine, since she got to connect with the real Gashlycrumb caregiver.


Anyway, this is Titus!

Meredith: Aww. You're actually pretty cute.

Titus: Yay! I'm not on the floor!

Titus: Oh. I'm back on the floor.

Varney: *maxes creativity*

Usaggie: whoa, where did this toddler come from

*delighted clapping*

[[clapping intensifies]]


But it wasn't chili, it was Tallulah.

She is an avid little toilet sailor.

Titus: That looks like fun. How do you play?


Alien Friend: Tickle tickle! Tickle tickle!

Frankie, that's not your bed at all.

Frankie: Someone's in mine.



Una: I feel more able and ready to set fires now.

That's what we all assumed, yes.

Whisper: Voila! I have created nutriments.

You cast an actual magic spell and this is what you came up with? Fucking cereal?

Whisper: Hey, hey! Come on! It has little marshmallow stars in it.


She is busy. :|

Usaggie's taking another crack at writing a novel. This time it's called Ghost Ghost Ghost Ghost Stew.

Usaggie: I am awash with inspiration.

Frankie's the last one still pregnant and she's about to pop.

Meanwhile Meredith is glued to the side yard.

Meredith: I can split a man's skull from two hundred paces, you know!

Frankie: *scrub scrub scrub*

Frankie: Oh my glob, that box is toxic.

You gonna clean it?

Frankie: Sorry, can't. Pregnant.

Frankie: I'll just hold my nose while I play Polly the pregnant pirate queen.

Frankie: And also scrub this sink to make up for it.



Immediately, Tanith makes friendly overtures to her peers.

Being that she is a Gashlycrumb, I find this suspicious.

Unlike the disaster that was Wizard Wizard Wizard Wizard Soup, this time Usaggie's genius is recognized. Huzzah

Not one to disappoint her new legions of fans, Usaggie immediately begins work on Rocket Rocket Rocket Rocket Borscht.


Meredith: *cheers so hard she loses a contact lens*

Frankie: My body isn't bouncing back from the baby.

Oh no?

Frankie: No, my wrist kills.

Alien Friend: Nice.

Varney: What is? ...Oh. Nice.


Una: Look out, Tanith, here comes the tickle fiend!

Meredith: How plebeian.

Alien Friend: Hey, girls.

Frankie: I wish we could go anywhere else in the world right now.

Alien Friend: Don't leave on my account.

Usaggie: 'And then the rocket scientist said, "How about a borscht?" and everyone cheered.'

Hi, Tanith. Over the generations I've become numb to this.

Meredith: *peers* Is it snowing?

Meredith: It would probably help if I looked out a window.

Titus: You there. Pay attention to me.

Titus: I'm getting bigger!

Titus: *mouthbreathes*

Well on the way to perfection, indeed.

She is super cute, though, and in a legacy family that's a good start.

And we will leave you with this little yelling bat. Farewell!

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This is a good update *pets update* Yes... it good.

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ahhhhhhhhhhhhh yay they're back!

this update was hilarious as usual, those kids are adorable.

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