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Under this cut, you can download any member of the Fritter family, with very few exceptions.

Not available: Tierney (not mine), Sheldon (couldn't extract him), Eustace (couldn't get the sunburn overlay that killed him off), and Omri (I forgot about him, he'll be uploaded later).

With that out of the way, here's all the other members of the Fritter family. They're all packaged as adults, regardless of what age they were when they kicked the bucket or moved out. All skins and eyes are geneticized. Some of them have exclusive content. Exciting!

Founder! (clean installer) (download)

Generation 1 spouse and current Fritter matriarch. Her dress is based on HystericalParoxysm's, given H&M wedges. Has all morphs. (clean installer) (download)

Gersh's twin. (clean installer) (download)

Bo's twin. (clean installer) (download)

Gen 2 heir! Has black hair, genetically. (clean installer) (download)

Gen 2 spouse! A face template by Pooklet. (clean installer) (download)

Gen 3 heir! Genetically redheaded. Her hair's a personal recolor, because I just recolored someone else's ftm version of the hair and put it on the f mesh. I never shared it because I don't remember whose it was. /o\ (clean installer) (download)

Swan's twin. (clean installer) (download)

Beef's twin. Another unshared hair, though I'll probably share the whole set eventually. (clean installer) (download)

The forgotten spare child. (clean installer) (download)

The super-late-in-life child that everyone thought was Almond's. (clean installer) (download)

Aka Dolly. (clean installer) (download)

Gen 4 co-heir! (clean installer) (download)

Gen 4 co-heir! Genetically redheaded. (clean installer) (download)

Gen 4 spouse. Another unshared hair. (clean installer) (download)

Genetically redheaded, like so many Fritters. (clean installer) (download)

Generation 5 heir, who is - you guessed it - genetically redheaded. Her original skin is a private blend by Pooklet, so she is packaged in another skin by Pooklet instead. (clean installer) (download)

Gen 5 spouse. She was already available on my journal, but this version features updated content and a slightly adjusted facial sculpt. (clean installer) (download)

Farley's twin. Like Almond, Embeth is packaged in that dress mesh I edited. (clean installer) (download)

Embeth's twin. (clean installer) (download)

Gen 6 co-heir! Like her mother, Cameo is packaged in an alternate skin. (clean installer) (download)

Gen 6 co-heir! (clean installer) (download)

Gen 6 spouse, and a face template by Pooklet. (clean installer) (download)

Gen 7 heir! (clean installer) (download)

Gen 7 spouse! Genetically brunette. Hair's a recolor of someone else's retexture, but I forget whose. (clean installer) (download)

Genetically redheaded. (clean installer) (download)

Will appear in your default S3. (clean installer) (download)

More to come!

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Date: 2012-12-10 08:55 pm (UTC)
lovelyxwow: (☂jack and jill too)
From: [personal profile] lovelyxwow
asdfhkl; It's a Fritter extravaganza! \o/

Thanks for being awesome. (:

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Date: 2012-12-10 10:39 pm (UTC)
xjoelbabix: (Default)
From: [personal profile] xjoelbabix
I'm so happy right now! Thank you, thank you, thank you! :D

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Date: 2012-12-11 07:10 am (UTC)
potpie_sims: (whale)
From: [personal profile] potpie_sims
*makes grabby hands*

Thank you!

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Date: 2012-12-11 10:10 am (UTC)
prosthetics: (Kimbra)
From: [personal profile] prosthetics
I might have screeched, if the dogs barking are any indication.

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Date: 2012-12-11 01:04 pm (UTC)
pyrrhocorax: a furret has a pink flower behind her ear (Default)
From: [personal profile] pyrrhocorax
Almond once had a legitimate non-creepy relationship. It's so hard to remember that...

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Date: 2012-12-16 05:56 pm (UTC)
peach_t: (porcelain)
From: [personal profile] peach_t
wow, that's a shit ton of Fritters!
Thank you, you made my day! (or ruined my exams, your choice)

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