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Sorry for taking so long to get the next part up! Wouldn't you know it, I got involved in something else and kinda forgot about this, heh.

Sophie: Man, we're awesome at sex. We should get an award.

Demelza: I concur.

Demelza: Let's kiss on it.

Sophie: Splendid!

Oliver: Dude, no, stop trying to tickle me.

Kirie: I'm just being friendly!

Karolina: *mutters* no means no, even with tickles...

Clearly Kirie missed that bulletin, because she tried again.

Kirie: Fine, then I'll tickle your femmefriend instead!

Oliver: I have no objection to this.

Karolina: This is so uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, Beatrice is happily glued to the ballet barre and unaware of the boundary-crossing going on below her.

Karolina: Look, a heterosexual!

Kirie: WHERE?!

Kirie: You asshole, that was Cameo Fritter! She's bi. Don't erase people's sexualities!

Karolina: I avoid the Fritters like the plague, man! How the fuck am I supposed to know that?

Kirie: That is so uncool of you.

Daisy: Aren't makeouts the best?

Beatrice: Heeeeead, shoulders, knees, and toes, knees and toes...

Daisy: Hey guys, mind if I watch?

Karolina: Naw, bro, knock yourself out.

Kirie: I'm gonna serve you your ass on a platter!

Karolina: Bring it, Pokéwimp.

Daisy: I can't take this tension!

Beatrice: So trains are basically for assholes.

Oliver: Word.


That expression, somehow, does not suggest 'fun'.

Kirie: *makes a brilliant strategic move*

Karolina: Oh well, you can't make an omelet without cracking a few eggs. And by eggs, of course, I mean your skull.

Sophie: I don't know, Kyubey seems harmless to me...

Daisy: YOU'LL SEE.

Karolina: Why the balls are we playing Monopoly with chess pieces?

Daisy: Like to see Beatrice do this!

Aww, how sweet. :>

Too bad at least one of you is gonna die.

Doing that by a hot stove seems like a poorly thought-out decision. On the other hand, this is a survivor challenge.

Karolina: Phew! Is that stink me, or the cookies?

~scenery interlude~

Stanley: Sup.

Beatrice: Sup.

Stanley: Uh... did you need something?

Beatrice: Not a thing. OwO

Abruptly, out of fucking nowhere, Karolina decides the moment is right to make her heretofore unexpected move on Sophie.

You saw this coming, right?

Demelza: I sense a disturbance in my girlfriend.

Karolina: Why

Inexplicably emboldened by Karolina's failure, Beatrice tries yet again.

And at long last is rewarded for her tenacity. I was so shocked I missed actually capping it, so here's the proof!

Sophie: *regrets all those previous rejections tbh*

Stanley: I really do not care for the way certain people are flaunting their romances, Beatrice.

So far, no one has starved, passed out, or wet themselves without being struck first by lightning. Grand! Except this is a survivor challenge.

So I put in a beer keg to help them along.

Stanley: My, what is this marvelous contraption?

You'll be finding out shortly.

Daisy: Fuck y'all, I'm gonna get laid!

Daisy: Kissing is awesome.

Oliver: I know, right?

Stanley wins my heart with his shy-sim dancing. :>

Kirie got trashed and started hitting on Stanley, who I'm not sure she even knew existed beforehand.

Kirie: Beer will keep me awake!

All the booze went to Stanley's head, and he decided to propose to Demelza.

Demelza: Dude, what the hell?

Beatrice: *smells disaster like blood on the wind*

Demelza: No, man. I'm not drunk enough for this shit.

Stanley: My world has collapsed in on me.

No wonder.

Considering the timing, my interpretation of this is 'everyone knows you got drunk and proposed to a girl who doesn't even know your last name, and they are laughing their asses off at you'. Poor bb.

Stanley: It's all Daisy's fault she turned me down.

Beatrice: I wonder how Kirie is able to stand in the television like that.

Kirie: Aww, that's so thoughtful of you to wonder about my abilities to manipulate time and space! C'mere.

And then Kirie gained the dubious honor of being the first one to pass out on the floor.

~scenery interlude ii~

Oh, shit.

I ended the pregnancy, because we all know sims who are knocked up are even more incapable of taking care of themselves than ordinary sims and I want Daisy to have a fair chance. But because I'm a cruel sim overlord, I let hir puke into the toilet a little more first.

Exhibit A: Karo clearing the room where nearly everyone is gathered so she can take a sponge bath.

Exhibit B: the totally available shower less than ten fucking feet behind her.

Stanley: Ha ha ha, we're inexplicably in our underwear and I'm tickling you! Isn't this fun? Ha ha!

Demelza: I'm not sure how this happened but whatever, I'll go with it!

Beatrice swooped in and kissed Sophie. I was expecting an explosion of jealous rage from Demelza.

That is not what happened.

At all.

Demelza: Whoa, I can hear what my girlfriend's doing through the wall and yet I am totally chill with it! Weird.

Group shot. Note Stanley, dancing.

Karolina: So, you like busts?

Beatrice: Absolutely.

Demelza: COOKIES!

Sophie is becoming a veteran kiss cherry-popper, sheesh.

And Stanley is still dancing.

And that is all for now. Man I am terrible at ending posts. Have a .gif.

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Date: 2012-09-15 01:16 am (UTC)
lovelyxwow: (♔without you)
From: [personal profile] lovelyxwow
Eeeee! For a survivor challenge, they are remarkable self-sufficient! What gives? :P

I love all the sims, etc etc. Great update. ♥

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Date: 2012-09-15 02:43 am (UTC)
nathanialroyale: (Dance)
From: [personal profile] nathanialroyale
Sometimes survivor sims just keep on living when all you want them to do is die! heh

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