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For ease of navigation, here's a listing of my downloads on Garden of Shadows. These days, almost all new downloads can be found on my simblr.

Available at Garden of Shadows:
- She's in Parties - drpixelfan Peggy conversion Nouked
- Raon 82 Nouked - Naturals and Neons
- Raon 80 Nouked
- Walking On Clouds - Peggy 4182 Nouked
- Odette - Rose 101 Nouked
- Blur the Technicolor - Peggy 4434 neons
- Amalthea - Rose 41 retextured
- Panic in Detroit - unnatural bobs
- Burn-up - MyoS23 mtf + retextures
- My Light is Electric - Raon 07 mtf + Xandher's textures
- Paranoia, Paranoia - Seomi 006 mtf + Pooklet's alpha and textures
- The Passenger - MyoS 25 mtf + Ephemera's textures
- Raon 15 mtf
- Baseline - Raon 39 mtf + retextures
- Brand New Key - xm70 mtf + retextures
- Rusalka - retextures of Peggy 0472
- Fadeaway - Raon 43 retextured
- Raon 85 retextured
- Refractor - Rock-a-bitchy retexture
- Yu 14 mtf
- Symbiont - Yu 30 retexture + mtf
- Cryptorchid - Peggy 0046 bob retextured

- Between the Crosses - Pooklet-Jirka-Bosie-Paryun blend

- Dining in Dreamland - extracted Maxis clutter
- Blueprint posters on four Maxis meshes
- Overdue Books - recolors of Mirake's Oala book mesh
- Library Card Revoked - more book recolors
- Eclectic Minutiae - more bits of extracted clutter
- Scribbles - crayon meshes
- Liberated dominoes Some people experience crashes; being remade
- Crocheting's Easier - extracted knitting
- Novel Ideas - grungy typewriters + writing clutter
- grungy Maxis pet display cases
- grungy Maxis musical instruments
- Dark Side of the Sun - coffin recolors

- Ornamental Anachronism - six keys on five necklace meshes
- My Pet Octopus (expanded) - necklaces and earrings

- Slipping Away - sweater dress retextures
- Walking Shade - AM to TM Aikea conversions
- The Map is Not the Territory - Aikea's Basics 2008 for AF
- I am excited for someone to invent the t-shirt! - Kate Beaton t-shirts
- You're Lost Little Girl - sweater dresses for kids
- Stargazers - sundresses with boots + new mesh

- Rosalyn Redd
- Stock Somers
- Azayasim

There's also a lot of stuff available on this journal. My more recent content is findable through the [downloads tag]. The posts for the rest of it have been locked, but you can still get the content in this directory. You'll find it organized by type and by set name; previews and download link are provided. Please let me know if any of the pictures or links stop working.

Old content directory:
Angels Fuck - preview, download
Technological Disguise - preview, download
Hydra - preview, download
I'm Not Edible - preview, download
Electric Head - preview, download
Kaleidoscope and Candle Eyes - preview, download
Porcelina - preview, download
Cascade - preview, download
Birthright - preview, download
Programmable Soda - preview, download
The Nobodies - preview, download
Scardonia - preview, download female, download male
Isabel - preview, download
Pool of Tears - preview, download original, download shaved alpha
92 Degrees - preview, download
Outland - preview, download
Daphne Descends - preview, download
Switchback - preview, download
Elizabeth - preview, download
Wishmaster - preview, download
The Infinite Sadness - preview, download
Ghost Opera - preview, download
Trenchmouth - preview, download
Rock Is Dead - preview, download
Odile - preview, download
Calling Grace - preview, download
The Last Day On Earth - preview, download

Elinor - preview, download
Cybele - preview, download
Miss Worm edit - preview, download
Grave Dirt - preview, download
Sleepwalker - preview, download
Andromeda - preview, download

Buy/Build mode:
Left4Dead signs - preview one, preview two, preview three, download
University Myne door recolors - preview, download
Maxis Rough and Comfy FT bed recolors - preview, download
AL boho roof piece recolors - obsolete
Pickaxe and logic puzzle - preview, download
Grungy OfB robots & steampunk docking stations - preview, download
Cash register recolors - preview, download
Shop stuff recolors - preview, download
Maxis upright piano recolors - preview, download
Grungy OfB shelving recolors - preview, download
Urban Train recolors - Maxis easel preview, S2H instrument preview, Uni chairs preview, Maxis desk preview, Dark Project telescope preview, BV loveseat preview, washer/dryer preview, ATS high chair preview, steampunk OfB robots preview, download, download high chairs
Running Town recolors - S2P chair preview, S2P dining set preview, S2H go board preview, Parsimonious mirror preview, Boblishman mirror preview, S2P crib preview, download
ATS neon TVs - preview, swatch, download
Adele Super Chouette painting recolors - preview, swatch, download
Ukiyo-e multi-use painting recolors - preview, download
Rainboots clutter - preview, download
Resized BV frog - preview, download
Mirake working bookcases - preview, download base game, download FT
Extracted detritus - preview, download
Neon Shannanigan chairs - preview, download
Neon Holy Simoly chairs - preview, download
Neon Raonsims loveseat - preview, download
Neon Holy Simoly curtains - preview, download
Handbook For The Recently Deceased & The Living and the Dead book recolors - preview, download
DOT three-tile posters recolors - preview one, preview two, preview three, preview four, preview five, preview six, download
Gelydh's Electioneering walls edit - preview, download
Rugburn children's books - preview, download

My Pet Octopus - preview, download

Sentate beach dress with cyber boots - preview, download
Aggressor - preview, download SSN, download base game
The Number - preview, download
Into a Swan - preview, download
Adele pencil dress with oxfords - preview, download
Pooklet alternative swimwear with sexy feet - preview, download
Xandher gowns with cyber boots - preview, download
One Mile Below - preview, download
Four Rusted Horses - preview, download
Underjoyed dresses - preview, download
Rhiannon sweater dresses - preview, download
Aikea gymwear recolors - preview, download
Child Club Crimsyn pants - preview, download
sleepless_angel dresses - preview, download
Valerie T-shirts - preview, download
Skirts with boots and wedges - preview, download
Painted Bird dresses - preview, swatch, download adult, download teen

Rhiannon Bloume - preview, clean installer, download
Fairuza Balfour - preview, clean installer, download
Constance Balfour - preview, clean installer, download
Glauce Bargleen - preview, clean installer, download
Mac Balfour - preview, clean installer, download
Hattie Bloume - preview, clean installer, download
Brody Buckminster - preview, clean installer, download
Mina Buckminster - preview, clean installer, download
Clara Brooks - preview, clean installer, download

The Pagoda Club - preview one, preview two, preview three, preview four, preview five, preview six, preview seven, preview eight, preview nine, clean installer, download
1458 Waterfront - preview one, preview two, preview three, preview four preview five, preview six, clean installer, download furnished, download unfurnished,

Policy. You can edit anything I make however you want, and you can share it anywhere you want except any sort of paysite. Sites that are primarily free with one or two 'gift' items, a la XMSims, are still paysites. If you use something of mine, you don't have to go out of your way to credit me, as long as you don't pretend you made it. That's not cool, and it makes you look like a douche. Don't make yourself look like a douche.

As for my sims, yes, you may use them in your legacy, prosperity, asylum, etc. challenges; you don't have to ask me. I'd rather you kept them out of contests. Please don't just slap new CC on and call it yours. That's uncool and Santa will give you coal in your stocking.

WCIFs + unreleased content + sims. Asking nicely will get you everywhere.

Fritter downloads. You can download the Fritters here.

Adding. Feel free to add; I will happily add you back.

This journal is NSFW.

Other things to be aware of on this journal:
  • I swear a lot.
  • I mostly play queer sims, so if that's not your bag, I'd give my legacy posts and shit a pass.
  • I end most picture posts with animated gifs of bats, sometimes cartoon, but usually real. If you don't like gifs or bats, again, give the legacies and picspams a miss.
  • I try not to joke about anything triggery but I do fuck up sometimes, so just let me know and I'll fix it.

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