Aug. 28th, 2018

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For ease of navigation, here's a listing of my downloads on Garden of Shadows. These days, almost all new downloads can be found on my simblr.

At Garden of Shadows: )

There's also a lot of stuff available on this journal. My more recent content is findable through the [downloads tag]. The posts for the rest of it have been locked, but you can still get the content in this directory. You'll find it organized by type and by set name; previews and download link are provided. Please let me know if any of the pictures or links stop working.

Old content directory: )

Policy. You can edit anything I make however you want, and you can share it anywhere you want except any sort of paysite. Sites that are primarily free with one or two 'gift' items, a la XMSims, are still paysites. If you use something of mine, you don't have to go out of your way to credit me, as long as you don't pretend you made it. That's not cool, and it makes you look like a douche. Don't make yourself look like a douche.

As for my sims, yes, you may use them in your legacy, prosperity, asylum, etc. challenges; you don't have to ask me. I'd rather you kept them out of contests. Please don't just slap new CC on and call it yours. That's uncool and Santa will give you coal in your stocking.

WCIFs + unreleased content + sims. Asking nicely will get you everywhere.

Fritter downloads. You can download the Fritters here.

Adding. Feel free to add; I will happily add you back.

This journal is NSFW.

Other things to be aware of on this journal, since I don't post summaries or warnings: )

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